Welcome to the Criminology Program

Crime, criminality, and criminal justice are central concerns in Canadian society. From politics, to law and the courts, to the media and popular culture, discussions of the problem of crime and what to do about it continue to dominate the public and policy agenda. And yet, significant misunderstandings exist around the nature of crime, whether it is on the rise or on the decline, the characteristics and motivations of offenders, and the most effective crime control policies. The Criminology program at York examines these tensions providing students with the tools they need to understand the complex realities of crime and criminal justice and how they are shaped by larger social, political, economic, and historical contexts. Students will use these tools to examine such essential questions as: (1) are mandatory minimum sentences an effective way to reduce crime?; (2) what are the costs of corporate crime?; (3) what are the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing drugs?; and (4) does video surveillance help to prevent crime? By combining faculty research and expertise, a balanced and dynamic curriculum, and a uniquely interdisciplinary approach, the Criminology program provides students with a strong foundation in the field of criminology while at the same time producing more active and engaged citizens. [read more...]