One of the most common questions posed by both prospective and current students is ‘what can I do with a criminology degree?’ Like most other liberal arts programs, York’s Criminology degree is not vocationally based or geared towards specialized training for specific occupations. Rather, the objective is to provide students with a strong foundation in the field of criminology as well as a series of transferrable skills (analytical, research, writing, and communication) that are valued by both public and private employers in a variety of fields including, but not limited to, criminal justice. Using this background and skill set, criminology graduates have gone on to careers in law enforcement, probation and the courts, conflict mediation, border control, immigration, law, journalism, human rights advocacy, social services and public policy. Students who wish to pursue graduate training in the field will find that it provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies in Criminology, Socio-Legal Studies, and Sociology. For further information on careers and job postings, please visit the York Career Centre.