Academic Advising

The Criminology Program is committed to providing all Criminology Majors with advice, guidance, and support in planning their course schedules for the upcoming academic year and beyond. As part of our advising procedure, a number of steps must be taken prior to requesting a formal advising appointment:

  1. Print out an unofficial copy of your transcript including all courses you have taken up to and including the current Fall/Winter and/or Summer term.
  1. Using this information, complete the electronic version of the appropriate checklist entering BOTH completed AND planned courses (include the course code, number, and title in the spaces provided) AS WELL AS the number of credits per course.
  1. Ensure that the totals for your completed and planned credits match the required number of credits for EACH of the various components of your degree (e.g. General Education; Major; Minor; and Free Choice credits) and that in total ALL of your completed and planned credits work out to 120 credits (or more).
  1. Once you have completed the checklist, you have the option of printing it or sending it as an e-mail. If you are confident that you have satisfied all of the applicable requirements, simply print the checklist and keep it for your own records. If you would like to request an advising appointment, please e-mail the checklist as an attachment to the Criminology Program Coordinator. In this e-mail, please indicate the following: (1) name, (2) student number, (3) any specific questions or issues you would like to discuss; and (4) whether you would like to address these questions/issues over e-mail, by phone, or in person. The Coordinator will review the completed checklist and follow-up as requested.
  1. If you have any questions or concerns during any point in this process, do not hesitate to contact the Criminology program office at