Continuing in the Criminology Program

In order to progress from the first to the second year of the Criminology program, students must achieve a minimum grade of B in CRIM 1650 6.0 "Introduction to Criminology." In order to remain a Criminology major through the four years of the program, students must also maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 (C+). Students whose Cumulative GPA falls below a 5.0 during the course of their studies may proceed in Criminology, on warning, provided they meet the year level progression requirements.

Students who do not satisfy the grade and average requirements noted above will be removed from the Criminology program and must then select another degree. Common alternatives for former CRIM students include: Interdisciplinary Social Science; Sociology; Psychology; Law and Society; and Political Science.

Students who receive a C+ in CRIM 1650 may be given the opportunity to re-take the course. They must submit this request to the Criminology program coordinator. If they pass the course the second time around with the required B, they will be returned to the Criminology program.

For students who obtain the required B in 1650 but have a GPA below a 5.0 (or the cutoff required to qualify for honours progression), they may be re-admitted to the Criminology program if they are able to raise their GPA to a 5.0 or above by end of the following academic year (May 15). Applications to return to the Criminology program must be submitted in writing to the program coordinator. Students who fall into this category are not required to apply through the normal transfer process.