Taking Criminology Courses as a Non-Major

Given the high demand for our courses and our effort to maintain reasonable class sizes, there are limited opportunities for non-criminal majors to take criminology courses. The one course that is open to non-majors and does not have any prerequisites is CRIM 2652 6.0 “Criminal Justice Systems.” Our first year course, CRIM 1650 6.0 “Introduction to Criminology,” and our two second year courses CRIM 2650 6.0 “Theories of Criminology” and CRIM 2653 6.0 “Criminological Research Methods” are restricted to Criminology majors. There may be opportunities to enrol in third and fourth year courses. However, spaces are not released to non-majors until after July 15 and are then subject to availability. If you are interested in enrolling in a specific 3000-level or 4000-level course, please contact the Criminology program coordinator after July 15.