Awards and Scholarships

The Criminology program has several student awards which are handed out each year at the Department of Social Science Student Awards Ceremony:

Criminology 1650 Book Prize ($200): awarded to the Criminology major who achieves the highest grade in our first year introductory course, CRIM 1650, “Introduction to Criminology.”

2010    Ines Ferreira
2011    Kristen Hayward
2012    Krystal Frankson
2013    Saqib Mahmood
2014    Amanda Dias
2015    Michelle Spencer
2016    Melissa Ayisi
2017    Carly Downs

Criminology Honours Scholarship ($500): awarded to the Criminology major with the highest cumulative GPA entering their fourth year of study.

2010    Shashendra Baldeo
2011    Julian Di Bartholomeo and Ashley Hayward
2012    Marcus Sibley
2013    Jin Tan
2014    Ilija Dimeski
2015    Victor Martins
2016    Anthony Malone
2017    Antonnia Kiana Blake

Joshua Yasay Award for Excellence in Criminology and Community Service ($1,000): Named in honour of Joshua Yasay, a Criminology graduate who was shot and killed by a stray bullet at a street party in July, 2012, this award is given to a high achieving fourth year Criminology major who has made a positive impact on his or her community. Recipients must possess a minimum 6.0 GPA and demonstrate commitment to creating change in their community.

2013    Gillian Maharaj
2014    Carina Bastides
2015    Stephanie Patt
2016    Rossana Tamburro
2017    Andre Harriott